Finally I have managed to make my project look tidy enough to place it in my portfolio. For some days it has been bothering my mind, but I still couldn't squeezу out any time to get done with it. But now it is here, and I am happy with the result. Feel free to comment!

FORZA Maestro brings you the all-in-one multifunctioning enhanced Pliers + hand tool. Presence off three mostly demanded functions gives you the ability to be equal to majority of tasks at hand. Designed to facilitate your creative and productive work in all circumstances, it easily withstands both high and low temperatures and rough environment conditions, owing to special metal alloy and structure.

The tool is designed with consideration of main usability features. Buttoned rubber cover on both handles significantly improves the contact with hand and makes it easier to manipulate the tool in action. Slanted hammer surface is specially made to give your hand the space for operation. Also a fastener and a linkup inflow on the end of the handles are designed to give the tool best performance when using it as a hammer. A special  container, that hides in upper handle, with push & pull opening scheme holds a socket wrench components to use in combination with built in ratcheting mechanism, that turns your tool into a screw driver.

Even though that each function of this pliers has specially designed tools, we wanted to take a chance in assuring the customer with its irreplaceable mobility and all-in-one performance.

Please note that all information provided above is completely made up by author in order to make the  project look real and does not refer to any existing items.

still stuck with Z7

                               It's a bloody toil making that proportions look right